This lecture is dedicated to Master students of mechanical engineering and other engineering studies. Goal of the lecture is the understanding of the physics of fusion, the components of a fusion reactor and their functions. The technological requirements for using fusion technology for future commercial production of electricity and the related environmental impact are also addressed. The students are capable of giving technical assessment of the usage of the fusion energy with respect to its safety and sustainability. The students are qualified for further training in fusion energy field and for research-related professional activity.

  • nuclear fission & fusion
  • neutronics for fusion
  • fuel cycles, cross sections
  • gravitational, magnetic and inertial confinement
  • fusion experimental devices
  • energy balance for fusion systems; Lawson criterion and Q-factor
  • materials for fusion reactors
  • plasma physics, confinement
  • plasma heating
  • timeline of the fusion technology
  • safety and waste management