Reactor Dynamic and Safety (RDS)

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The research activities and lecturership in the field Reactor Dynamic and Safety (RDS) within the IFRT are focused on safety relevant aspects of operating power plant as well as of advanced nuclear systems in close coordination with the R&D key areas of the Nuclear Safety Program (NUKELAR) of KIT CN and of the HGF Energe Program. An important R&D topic is the further development of reactor physics, reactor dynamics and pin mechanics simulation codes fort the safety assessment of different reactor systems (LWR and advanced systems). Another research area is the development and improvement of multiphysics and multiscale coupled numerical simulation codes at both fuel assembly and pin level. These activities are complemented with the further development of methods fort he quantification of code’s uncertainty and sensitivity. The validation and qualification of numerical multiphysics codes using experimental data from experiments or from nuclear power plants rounds the analytical work. Such codes are increasingly being used for the prediction of safety relevant parameters in the frame of the analysis of the core behaviour of LWRs under normal and accidental conditions.

MCNP/SCF: Pin Power
PWR: Primary System Layout PWR Minicore: DYNSUB


Reactor Physics and Dynamic group at INR, KIT Campus North