List of dissertations at IATF

No. Year Name Titel
1 2012 Claus Kunik CFD Simulation turbulenter konvektiver Strömungen bei überkritischen Drücken
2 2013 Bo Pang Numerical study of valid drift in rod bundle with subchannel and CFD codes
3 2014 Xiang Chai Numerical study of the wake acceleration effect using CFD approach
4 2014 Dejan Morar Subgrid-scale heat flux modeling for large eddy simulation of turbulent mixed convection
5 2015 Markus Zimmermann Development and application of a model for the cross-flow induced by mixing vane spacers in fuel assemblies
6 2015 Xi Huang Study of water film cooling of PWR´s passive containment cooling system
7 2016 Stefan Meyer A fluid dynamics approach for solid liquid phase change in binary and elemental metals
8 2017 Klaus Huber A multiscale method for mixed convective systems : coupled calculations with ATHLET and OpenFOAM of the PHENIX NCT
9 2017 Martin Sonntag Subcooled two-phase flow heat transfer in multiscale systems
10 2019 Florian Feuerstein Investigation of heat transfer near the critical point of R134a
11 2019 Xi Wang Multiscale thermal hydraulic analysis of fuel assembly and system of SFR
12 2019 Dali Yu Analysis and modelling of full-range post-dryout heat transfer in vertical tubes
13 2020 Xu Hong Improvement of PWR (LOCA) safety analysis based on PKL experimental data
14 2020 Fangnian Wang Extension of Condensate Flow Model for Aerosol Wash-down Simulation
15 2021 Meiqi Song Modelling of CHF and Post-CHF Heat Transfer for Trans-critical Transients
16 2021 Moritz Schenk

A Geometry-Adapting Methodology for Numerical Investigation on Flow-Driven Erosion Processes