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The Department Innovative Nuclear Systems is concerned with the field of technology development of advanced nuclear reactors and fusion devices. One focus of the professorship is to develop a powerful simulation platform. The tasks of the department are:

  • The upgrading of neutron physics and thermal hydraulic computer codes of different scales, from one-dimensional and three-dimensional computational methods
  • A selective coupling of computer programs from different disciplines, such as neutron physics, thermal hydraulics, mechanics and material corrosion
  • Verification and validation of individual computer programs, and the coupled simulation system

The specific objectives of the project part of KIT in context with the overall objective of the joint project are:

  • Establishing an experimental database for validation of subchannel and CFD computer programs for applying it to the PWR rod bundles
  • Extension of understanding the flow and heat transfer behavior in rod bundles under the influence of various parameters such as pressure, mass flux, vapor quality and spacers
  • Development of new models to describe the transversal exchange between subchannels with a broad scope of vapor quality, from single-phase current to two-phase flow in CHF-states
  • Validation of subchannel and CFD computer codes and analysis of existing CHF correlations based on rod bundle tests, including test data for critical heat flux (CHF)
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