Professorship Fusion and Reactor Technology


The design and analysis of thermally stressed facilities and components are the focus of research and development work in this area. Fusion power plants related facilities, as well as accelerator-driven basic research facilities, pose very special challenges for engineering to ensure their safe operation throughout their lifecycle, even for the widest range of regular and irregular events. For this, are expertise of the

  • Thermalhydraulics and thermomechanics,
  • Diagnostics and development of high-resolution measuring methods,
  • System dynamics and the
  • Neutron physics and core data

essential. Often, the issues to be addressed require a coupling of different subject areas, so that the development of reliable predictive tools that are able to handle these multi-scale problems, play an increasingly important role. This work requires appropriate experimental validation and quantification of the uncertainties.

All of these topics are addressed in research and teaching. The corresponding student and academic work is carried out in cooperation with the Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology (INR) and other institutes of Campus North.

The available courses offer all aspects of the understanding of fusion and reactor technology and provide the necessary knowledge. In addition, to the institutes’ own lectures, subject-specific fusion lectures are also offered by lecturers from different engineering fields. Current trends and developments are discussed in seminars by renowned lecturers from KIT, scientists from other universities and research institutions, as well as the industry. In addition, special lectures on solar thermal energy and alternative energy technologies are offered too.

The qualifications, methods and experiences acquired and imparted in research and teaching, qualify graduates from bachelor to doctor to be successful in many areas of energy technology, so that there exist many contacts with industrial partners and research institutions.