Solar Thermal Energy Systems


The course deals with fundamental aspects of solar energy

1. Introduction to solar energy – global energy panorama

2. Solar energy resource-

  Structure of the sun, Black body radiation, solar constant, solar spectral distribution

  Sun-Earth geometrical relationship

3. Passive and active solar thermal applications.

4. Solar thermal systems-  solar collector-types, concentrating collectors, solar towers,

  Heat losses, efficiency

5. Selected topics on thermodynamics and heat transfer which are relevant for solar systems.

6. Introduction to Solar induced systems: Wind , Heat pumps, Biomass , Photovoltaic

7. Energy storage

The course deals with fundamental aspects of solar energy. Starting from a global energy panorama the course deals with the sun as a thermal energy source. In this context, basic issues such as the sun’s structure, blackbody radiation and solar–earth geometrical relationship are discussed. In the next part, the lectures cover passive and active thermal applications and review various solar collector types including concentrating collectors and solar towers and the concept of solar tracking. Further, the collector design parameters determination is elaborated, leading to improved efficiency. This topic is augmented by a review of the main laws of thermodynamics and relevant heat transfer mechanisms.

The course ends with an overview on energy storage concepts which enhance practically the benefits of solar thermal energy systems.

The students get familiar with the global energy demand and the role of renewable energies learn about improved designs for using efficiently the potential of solar energy gain basic understanding of the main thermal hydraulic phenomena which support the work on future innovative applications will be able to evaluate quantitatively various aspects of the thermal solar systems.

Total 120 h, hereof 30 h contact hours and 90 h homework and self-studies

mündliche Prüfung ca. 30 min.

  • “Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes “4th Edition, J. Duffie &W. Beckman. Published by Wiley & Sons.
  • “Heat Transfer”, 10th Edition, P. Holman  Mc. Graw Hill publisher.
  • “Fundamentals of classical Thermodynamics”, G. Van Wylen & R. E. Sonntag. Published by Wiley & Sons

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