Joint European Canadian Chinese development of Small Modular Reactor Technology (ECC-SMART)

  • contact:

  • funding:

    EU Commission

  • Partner:

    20 internaltional partners

  • startdate:

    October 2020

  • enddate:

    September 2024

ECC-SMART project is oriented towards assessing the feasibility and identification of safety features of an intrinsically
and passively safe small modular reactor cooled by supercritical water (SCW-SMR), taking into account specific
knowledge gaps related to the future licensing process and implementation of this technology. The main objectives
of the project are to define the design requirements for the future SCW-SMR technology, to develop the pre-licensing
study and guidelines for the demonstration of the safety in the further development stages of the SCW-SMR concept
including the methodologies and tools to be used and to identify the key obstacles for the future SMR licencing and
propose strategy for this process.