Integration of Pool Scrubbing Research to Enhance Source-term Calculations (IPRESCA)

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The international project IPRESCA was established in 2017 with about 40 international partners. The main objectives of the project are (a) to coordinate the international R&D efforts, (b) to improve the modelling of physical processes of pool scrubbing and (c) to achieve optimum usage of the research infrastructure and results. As a partner of the IPRESCA project IATF/KIT is engaged in the following tasks:

(a) Numerical analysis of the behavior of single bubbles, with the emphasis on the bubble shape, bubble velocity and the gas flow field inside the bubble.

(b) Numerical analysis of swarm flow, with the emphasis on the flow velocity of both phases and the residence time of bubbles.

(c) Development of models for the interfacial area in single bubble flow regime, the particle deposition velocity at the interfacial surface and the bubble residence time.