CFD simulation of aerosol transport behavior based on VOF-LPT solver

  • Forschungsthema:CFD simulation of aerosol transport
  • Typ:Masterarbeit
  • Datum:ab sofort
  • Betreuung:

    M. Sc. Zhonkai Mei und Prof. Xu Cheng

Master Thesis


Two phase flow problem is investigated by CFD software OpenFOAM. Based on Volume of Fluid(VOF) and Lagrangian Particle Tracking(LPT) methods, in-house VOF-LPT solver has already been developed to simulate aerosol transport behaviour under pool scrubbing conditions. VOF-LPT solver need to be further validated and the task mainly contains three points

  • Comparison of various empirical models inside solver

  • Validation of CFD simulation result based on experimental data

  • Investigation of particle motion behaviour


Start der Arbeit: ab sofort


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Zhongkai Mei
Institut für Angewandte Thermofluidik
Tel.: 0721 608 45133

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