Web-Design (Hiwi-Arbeit)

  • Stellenausschreibung:


  • Stellenart:

    Hiwi Arbeit

  • Institut:

    INR (CN)

  • Kontaktperson:

    Dr. Victor Hugo Sanchez
    Tel: +49 721 608 22283
    E-mail: victor.sanchez@kit.edu

  • Work Area: Implementation of web-sites for EU Projects and Numerical tools of the RPD Group and maintenance of the web sites


    Knowledge on web design HTML, JAVA, PHP, etc.

    Student of informatics, mechanical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics with computer skills for the envisaged tasks

    Duration: 12 months

    Start: as soon as possible

    Location: KIT Campus North, Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology (INR), Building 521